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Saturday,January 5th, 2013

A NEW INDEPENDENCE: Granpda, go and rest!  

SNP Coordinator

On October 1st, 1960, Nigeria celebrated its ‘independence,’ from the British empire. It was a date many celebrated as a great victory and the beginning of a quest for self-determination. But now we sadly know that October 1st, 1960 was no independence. Nigeria was handed over to stooges. It is 2013, 53 years later and Nigeria is still ruled by these colonial remnants.

But the day has come for our true independence.

Fellow Nigerians. Old things have reached their termination and new things have come. Today marks a new day in the history of Nigeria. Today we declare our SOVEREIGNTY!

We have shed off the shackles of colonization.

We declare our independence from the stooges.

We declare our independence from the vampires, the old hawks who have succeeded in crippling this great land and people.

We declare our independence from the cabal.

Nigeria is now independent from backward thinking, from serving foreign interests.

Nigeria’s people will now be at the helm of their own affairs.

Nigeria’s government will now speak the language of the people, hear the people, be the people, the common masses.

Nigeria’s bright minds will now be at the helm of its affairs, and no longer suffocated by the decay of these slow-going, dangerous jokers.

We tell the old names in politics, Granpda, go and rest!

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