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Saturday,January 5th, 2013

SNP Go Goals  

SNP Coordinator

snp goalLet’s all look at this ‘goal,’ put in an easy way to remember. Please let us all volunteer our ideas and assistance to achieving the mountainous task ahead.

1. Connection: We SNP members need to build connections. We need to connect at all levels. Let’s primarily recruit as many people as possible everyday to the party. Build ties with them and stay connected. Relay all input, information, troubles of the people to the Town square so we can all critically analyze, assist or determine based on the reality. But our aligning ourselves with the community must be 100%. Now and during our administration.

2. Restoration: It is very important that we Africans, Nigerians realize that we are great people. We have a great history. We are not trying to adopt anything foreign. We are not trying to learn anything new. We are restoring who we are, what we are. When we talk to people, remind them of themselves. A time when they were better, when life was better, stories they heard of their parents, ancestors. We must restore our belief in ourselves. This is the best way to communicate during our rallies. Introduce your talks by telling the people how great they are and were. How proud they need to be of their heritage. Let us congratulate us.Of their uniqueness. Let us congratulate us. In the past we had empires with security, stability, strength and advancement that rivaled the best in Europe. Jaja of Opobo, the Benin Kingdom, Idris Alooma, Women leaders, the legendary Queen Amina. From whatever part, there is a piece of great history, and we can not align and move forward without a bit of restoration of our identification with self and belief in self.

3 & 4 IT: Information and Technology: We must be up to date, not on the vain and useless things in life, but we must be exemplary, we should stay abreast of information around us and abroad. We are the messengers to the people. Let’s go out there powerful. Let’s educate the masses, teach them new ways. Let’s discuss here and empower ourselves, share ideas about our society and our promise, and lets courier this information to the people. We are youth, we are technologically competent. Let’s use all the technological tools in this campaign, but not only so, let’s think about a bigger picture and utility of technology. Community thinking. If our town does not have rapid response numbers or set-up, then let us set it up. Let us step-up with technology and provide solutions for the community and the people. Sometimes what is needed is so cheap. It’s just an idea. let us put our mark on things. Show that we youth are ready to make a difference and change in life. We rule from today on.

5. Intervention: This bullet works closely with #4. We must intervene, with technology or otherwise. It is time for SNP intervention. We aspire to govern Nigeria. Let us start the process of assisting the people, of intervening in crises. All within the bounds of the law and all within safety considerations for ourselves. Let the lawyers among us intervene in a few volunteer cases to bail out people. Let the doctors volunteer. Let everyone volunteer and intervene and share the goodwill of SNP, the freedom and liberation of the people and the promise of a sensible tomorrow.

6. Coordination: Our actions must not be like the leaders we are getting out of the way. We must be organized and coordinate our activity. The power is in team work, cooperation and organization. We will be amazed what proper coordination will bring. Let us work together. Inter-relay and network.

7. Action: That is who we are. Action people. No fear. No relenting. No getting tired. The die has been cast. We are part of something way larger than us. We are doing something novel in the world. And do, we must. Action. Be and live your promise to change Nigeria. We are fed up of the mismanagement, but we are fed up even of whining. Then let us do this. Not talk, do. The Obama campaign was full of action. People trekked, talked, wrote, blogged, defended, scrutinized, reported, calculated. They all did. Obama did not dismantle his 2008 campaign for the four years of his presidency, so he simply put them back on their feet four years later to win again. This is the determined and consistent action that we need. This is a tall feat, by no means will it be easy. But it is doable, and we will celebrate our victory by Gods mighty grace.

8. Liaison: The last but by no means least. We must liaison. We can not do this alone. Political groups, NGO’s, companies, businesses, trader networks, chiefs, foreign bodies, foreign governments. There is no limit to the channels we must build. Bring in whatever you have and suggest what else you thing we need. To beat these people we have to be extremely strong. Remember they have networks that you can not even imagine. Good, bad and ugly networks globally that we are up against. We must build our network for support and sustenance.

Please feel free to add comments or modifications. Discuss here in the Town Square: http://sovereignnationalparty.com/forum/mobilization/mobilization-is-d-bedrock/#p17

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