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January 5, 2013 

Fellow Nigerians.

It is 2013. We thank God for letting us see a new year. It is indeed by His grace that we survived and are still here today. Nigerians are famous for our “suffering and smiling,” choice to life. We wait, we hope, we pray that “e go better.”

It has not gotten better. The only thing that got better was crime. While our government focused on learning worse ways to do things, terrorists advanced, they purchased ultra modern technology of terror, bunkering, kidnapping and mass destruction. But our police force stayed at the same 1960 level, or actually got worse!

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SNP Go Goals 

January 5, 2013 

snp goalLet’s all look at this ‘goal,’ put in an easy way to remember. Please let us all volunteer our ideas and assistance to achieving the mountainous task ahead.

1. Connection: We SNP members need to build connections. We need to connect at all levels. Let’s primarily recruit as many people as possible everyday to the party.

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A NEW INDEPENDENCE: Granpda, go and rest! 

January 5, 2013 

On October 1st, 1960, Nigeria celebrated its ‘independence,’ from the British empire. It was a date many celebrated as a great victory and the beginning of a quest for self-determination. But now we sadly know that October 1st, 1960 was no independence. Nigeria was handed over to stooges. It is 2013, 53 years later and Nigeria is still ruled by these colonial remnants.

But the day has come for our true independence.

Fellow Nigerians. Old things have reached their termination and new things have come. Today marks a new day in the history of Nigeria. Today we declare our SOVEREIGNTY!

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