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Youth Shall Wait No More

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We are calling out to all great Nigerians to come on board and make this happen.

The SNP is not a formulated organization. If it were, then this will be no different from the military and democratic dictatorships of Nigeria’s turbulent past.

We are merely the people figuring out our strong and self determined path.

You will be the candidates, you will be the think tanks of this party and government, you will draw up our manifesto, you will make this happen. The SNP is merely the means of the people.

Political democracy is a mere means, but has no answers. It is a lifeless structure. People have life, people have answers.

The failure of our political dispensation has been the failure of the people. And how wont this happen when the real people have been excluded from the politics.

You will never find answers in politics or democracy, because those are mere instruments like many others. We the people must put forth the answers. We must utilize these tools to secure and provide a brilliant future for our children.

The SNP creates the unique means for the people to come forward and make the change, the difference in their existence.

We are a platform for change, for development, for advancement. But YOU are the engine and instrument of that change.

Together we will solicit the votes of every living Nigerian. Together we will win the leadership of every state and the Nation.

And together we will examine each and every issue that plagues Nigeria and find solutions for them all. Together we will rule our Nation, we will oversee our public servants from presidency down to local government leaders.

This will be our town hall. Everything will be tabled in these village squares, the ways of our ancestors.

So we need your participation in full. We need the participation of your kith and kin.

We want every last Nigerian on board, so we are calling out to you, please spread this message to every corner in Nigeria that self-determination has come. Independence has come. The SNP has come!

May God help and guide us all.


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