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Tuesday,January 22nd, 2013

Shaping the Future: Over 1000 Nigerian Youth On SNP Path Bring Change to Nigeria  

SNP Coordinator

The Nigerian Sovereign National Party(SNP) Youth Movement is now over 1000 strong, with a presence of over 400 online members and larger numbers off-line committed to its cause- the elevation of Nigeria.

The SNP growing giant is a result of common grievance and a common desire for intellectual change and advances in the Nigeria project.

Come one, come all. Let’s do this Nigeria. We can, and we will!

Congrats! We are 100+ Members today!

Jan 15


Less than 7 days after launch, we are 100+ strong today. Thanks to everyone, thanks to God.

Do you know that if each of us bring in just 10 people in the next 7 days, we will be 1000!

I believe we can do it. I know we can do it.

Sooner than you think, we will be a very formidable contesting force in the dynamics of Nigeria. The government will sit up. They have already heard of us as we were informed and they are concerned.

Dear fellow new generation Nigerians for change. Let’s go there!

As a brilliant member, Ayodeji Olatunji said, Nigeria needs to start building rapidly after the (leadership)disaster, as fast as Japan built after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. SNP is poised for that. We will win and we will build Nigeria to a state where people beg to get our visa.

Nigeria counts on you. Numbers is the power. Breathe Nigeria, walk and talk SNP!

Convince your friends to give this political revolution a chance, it may be our last chance to rescue our future.

Thank you. God bless!

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