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Wednesday,January 16th, 2013

“Politics Is a Dirty Game?” We’ve Grown, You Can’t Scare Us!  

SNP Coordinator

They say politics is a dirty game.

We say- no it isn’t, you are dirty.

They always said this simply to scare us good people away from it, so they can keep their worn-out, dispassionate and filthy selves at its helm.

Dear dirty people. Na unna dirty. There is nothing dirty or dangerous about the politics SNP and 150 million Nigerians will win with. We are coming clean. We will play clean.

We are cleaning the dirty out of politics.

You can’t scare us anymore, we the youth have grown. Our minds are working well well. We will mobilize in this politics. We will campaign in this politics. We will contest in this politics, and we will win in this very politics.

Try to scare us, try to hound us, like the ‘immortals’ army of the Achaemenid Empire in ancient Persia, we will keep on coming.

And Nigeria will celebrate the end of dirty politics.

God bless the SNP!

God bless Nigeria!

Forward we go.


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