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Monday,February 4th, 2013

SNP SHOOTERS: Football Team Launched in Abuja  

SNP Coordinator

The SovereignNationalParty.com [SNP] Nigeria youth party is proud to announce the foundation of our Abuja Youth soccer team, the SNP SHOOTERS!

Nation Building

The formation of this football team is part of the SNP initiative for Youth integration and empowerment via healthy competitive engagement. And also part of the SNP NewNigeriaProject policy on health-first and and a preventive approach to improving national health.

Dear all, please participate more in sport rather than merely watching foreign sport.

We encourage all SNP State-wise coordinators and formulating coordinators to likewise setup local teams and organize local competitions in their territories.

We also encourage interstate competitions among our youth under the SNP FREEDOM TOURNAMENT.

The SNP also invites other political bodies and organizations to set up similar teams and come to the field so we ‘kick-your-butt.’

Long live the SNP!

God bless Nigeria.

Nigeria WILL ADVANCE at last!

Announcement for SNP Abuja

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