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Sunday,February 17th, 2013

SNP UK Meeting to “TAKE NIGERIA BACK,” March 8th, 2013  

SNP Coordinator



New Generation Nigerians converge in UK for a leadership meeting to plan the actionable way forward to retake and restore Nigeria.

The time for complaining has past…

Now we DO!

Plato said: The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men.

Come and join the Nigerian re-birth through new youth leadership, conversation. Be part of history and the powerful mechanism of change.

Nigeria & The Black Race call YOU!

Organized by www.SovereignNationalParty.com, the Youth Political Party Movement, determined to ADVANCE Nigeria At Last! We are not politicians, we, like you are ordinary Nigerians, TIRED!

We are Sovereign! 159,000,000 Nigerians will uproot 1 Bad System

Inquiries, Please email [email protected]

Email speech draft if you plan to make a presentation (5-10 mins).

DATE: Friday, MARCH 8th, 6-9pm

MyPlace. 343 Dagenham Park Drive, Harold Hill, RM3, 9EN


CONTACT: 0740-432-8672


Please print flyer and tear in 2: http://sovereignnationalparty.com/docs/uk-newnigeria-2.pdf

Poster: http://sovereignnationalparty.com/docs/uk-newnigeria.pdf

All other zones, please get together and inform us of your plans.

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