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Saturday,January 5th, 2013


SNP Coordinator

Fellow Nigerians.

It is 2013. We thank God for letting us see a new year. It is indeed by His grace that we survived and are still here today. Nigerians are famous for our “suffering and smiling,” choice to life. We wait, we hope, we pray that “e go better.”

It has not gotten better. The only thing that got better was crime. While our government focused on learning worse ways to do things, terrorists advanced, they purchased ultra modern technology of terror, bunkering, kidnapping and mass destruction. But our police force stayed at the same 1960 level, or actually got worse!

It did not better, it worsened. Our prayers did not make the change we begged for, our hope did not yield the fruit we aspired.

We Nigerians did not carry arms to fight our government, because we are peace loving people and we love peace to our death.

We barely challenge the old goons who have wielded power since they were handed it by the colonial masters. We see them and prostrate for them. We think they are human beings with a conscience, and that some day they will eventually pity us and give us a little bit of a better existence.

We are millions, they are merely a handful, yet we allow them to control us and determine a desperate present and future for us.

But that was what we used to be. The sands of time have brought a new dawn for Nigeria. The seedlings have erupted strong and broken through the seed.

We have decided to make a change and we have the power to make the change. We are not stupid. We will not simply select between a cabal candidate in one of the main same parties. We are not looking for a consensus candidate from among the same old stock.

We have decided to take the reigns of power and place this in the hands of an intelligent coalition of our brightest youth. We have decided to give the power back to the people, to put the people back in the position to make their choices and determine their future. We have decided to put the masses back in government, to do the wishes of the people, to serve and protect.

We have decided to return the status of “public servant,” to our leaders, to have true leaders who will serve.

And we have the power to make this change. The power is in our mere numbers. It will be a shame if a single person votes for any of the old ways, the old parties. We the SNP are not out to merely win votes for our party.

When we win the presidency, that will not be our success if a single person votes for the dead remnants of our sad history, because that single person will be power lost, he or she will represent the people who have gotten so used to suffering, so used to being ruled by corruption, so used to having things backwards, so used to having so much wealth and trying to figure out the ways to do the least with the best opportunities. No, we are determined to take the entire Nigeria along.

This revolution is absolute. Everyone is fed up, even the cabal, the old goons are tired of themselves.

We have the power to make this change, our numbers, our effort, our contributions. Share this message with your friends, with your family, with your loved ones, with your enemies even. Tell the thieves, the terrorists, the Pastors, the Imams, the children, the governors, the senators, the president, that the time has come. The decision has been made and the power is in effect to make the change.

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