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Taking Back Nigeria


  1. Let us spread the word and invite as many brilliant minds and members as possible. Target every living Nigerian. Harness our 110 Million Nigerian Youth power.
  2. Together, we new generation decide on best ideas, our model, our strategies now and the future of Nigeria this new dawn. This will be our Town Hall.
  3. We launch our movement and political party.
  4. We begin campaigning in earnest; our goal is to capture as many gubernatorial seats, house and senate positions as possible and certainly the presidency. We will win!
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We Are Back! It Is Time For Nigeria 

February 13, 2016 

Fellow Nigerians,

We would like to congratulate you all on the new year and transition to a new administration.

We, as you are happy that Nigeria has made significant steps towards our destiny. The expelling of the Jonathan administration was a great positive step that many of us worked tirelessly to make sure happened by any means possible. We congratulate the house on this achievement.

It is time now to perfect our destiny and take Nigeria to the place and position in the world it deserves.

We call on all Sovereign National Party members to get in touch with us for necessary regrouping and positioning towards the next necessary steps. We must finalize plans for a new Nigeria, to finally establish the next generation Nigerians in the helm of affairs and get rid of the old block, infested with rats who continue to drag us back and slow down our development.

Let’s get together. We want all next generation Nigerians to step forward to take control of Nigeria’s destiny, in your communities, states and the Federation. We can do it and we will do it.

We have a lot of positive plans, so let us discuss, get your contributions and input to formally control our affairs.

Sincerely yours and Nigeria’s

Edward Olutoke

Abuja National Coordinator


[email protected]

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Nigeria: Colonial Divide and Rule Technique of the Cabal 

March 17, 2013 

design 1

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SNP SHOOTERS: Football Team Launched in Abuja 

February 4, 2013 

The SovereignNationalParty.com [SNP] Nigeria youth party is proud to announce the foundation of our Abuja Youth soccer team, the SNP SHOOTERS!

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Join SNP Youth and Mark Your Independence from the Cabal 

January 30, 2013 
independent press

The Independent Newspaper Nigeria: 26th January 2013

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January 28, 2013 

Jan 28, 2013; Click here to print PDF for distribution


From SovereignNationalParty.com

The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men. – Plato

Are you tired of suffering and smiling in Nigeria?
Do you believe that it is your eternal destiny to be in a Nigeria where nothing works?
Do you think that generators must always buzz in the background and be the source of power in Nigeria?

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“Politics Is a Dirty Game?” We’ve Grown, You Can’t Scare Us! 

January 16, 2013 

They say politics is a dirty game.

We say- no it isn’t, you are dirty.

They always said this simply to scare us good people away from it, so they can keep their worn-out, dispassionate and filthy selves at its helm.

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Dr Brimah Is Contesting In 2019 

June 4, 2017 

Dear Comrades,

Greetings to you.

We know some of you disagreed when we threw in our weight behind the Buhari campaign. We believed Jonathan had to go by any means necessary and at the time we were unable to secure the N1 million to register. Long story short, our very own Dr. Brimah has decided to campaign fr the presidency in 2019.

Here is a message from him, please get in touch with us on what you think and you can join his campaign page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdvancedNigerian/

Get To Know Me: Dr Brimah Launches #AdvancedNigerian FaceBook Platform Towards 2019 Presidential Run

I welcome every one of you #AdvancedNigerian to this forum, the https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdvancedNigerian/ platform for our permanent co-development and currently my presidency campaign and any of your gubernatorial, senatorial, ward or other campaigns.

As you know, by the mighty grace of God, I have decided to lead the revolution to rescue Nigeria from the grips of the Nigeria PLC cabal and the stagnation of politicians, in hearts, on the streets and at the polls.

So you do not move with me blindly, let me tell you a few things about me:

I am 41, a medical doctor, teacher and published disparities researcher. A completely detribalized Nigerian.

I have always been a revolutionist. I led the successful 3-man delegation to my secondary school principal to cancel Mock exams to allow the entire set get more time to study for the SSCE when the academic calendar was too compressed. I DECIDE & DARE

I led a 5-man revolution in my NYSC camp. We spoke and the entire camp had agreed with us to wake the soldiers ahead of the ungodly hour the soldiers planned to wake us in punishment. We didn’t know the commandant was in the hall that night till we finished the meeting and he nodded and walked out. Everyone cowered in fear that 3am when we got up knowing the commandant knew. Only 5 of us braved it and ran and woke the entire camp. The commandant was already seated at that 3am in the grounds. He was actually impressed at our courage and removed the promise to punish us by waking us at 4am as prior threatened, returning it to 5am. I DO NOT RETREAT OR SURRENDER.

Towards advancement, I am the founder of http://NigerianWiki.com, open source encyclopedia of Nigeria est. since 2006

In 2006 before or along with SaharaReporters I established CorruptNigeria.com and started the same work on a very efficient level. However, realizing the name connoted negative and could never become something useful in better times, I took that down. You can view archives of that here: https://web.archive.org/…/200…/http://corruptnigeria.com:80/

Towards global advancement, since 2007 I have been a member of an Intelligence Strategic Think-tank, Through our strategic releases, we turned around Jonathan’s fate as well as the fate of the Boko Haram ravaged northeast as we provoked Jonathan to fight them…Nigeria would have lost Borno and more. The article we published http://newsrescue.com/nigeria-at-war/ whisked Jonathan back half-way through a trip to the south of Africa and he came back, declared a State of Emergency and deployed real battalions to the North East as we recommended against opposition by certain northern elite including Buhari. Again, we would have lost Borno! Our think-tank releases and my articles on ENDS were used to defend Buhari from several attacks…we were the baby of the APC at the time. I AM A SECURITY EXPERT WITH ZERO TOLERANCE FOR TERROR.

I am a pioneer of http://MuslimsAgainstTerror.com est. 2012. I believe we were the first Muslim group to openly and publicly condemn and castigate Boko Haram; at a time Nigerians were begging the north and Sultan to do so to no avail. We turned the Boko Haram story around when we declared for Muslims to defend Churches. http://www.nairaland.com/…/muslim-coalition-rises-up-against and http://muslimsagainstterror.com/communique-fear-none-save-…/
We put a bounty of $10,000 on the head of Abubakar Shekau in August of 2012 which led to the same by the Jonathan government almost 3 months later and US government a year later.[http://muslimsagainstterror.com/abubakar-shekau-wanted-dea…/] Along with Sheikh Gumi, our press releases and his sermons filled the media and turned Boko Haram from something the north was silent and sometimes supportive of [Bamanga Tukur: Boko Haram is fighting for justice; Buhari: Do not kill Boko Haram members http://thenationonlineng.net/buhari-faults-clampdown-on-bo…/ ] and hence GEJ could not defeat into public enemy number 1 and the main topic of the 2015 election. I AM FEARLESS.


In March of 2013 after the political Boko Haram bombing of Sabon Gari Kano market, I and a friend in frustration as we discussed the event that night came up with the name “Every Nigerian Do Something,” http://ENDS.ng which today has been the first and most notable group to stand along with the Civilian JTF, given awards by them for assisting them fight terror with serious tools we mostly bought from pocket. We financed and raised public awareness to their plight. From binoculars to tasers and walkie talkies, ENDS stood by the CJTF for the years of the war. I requested Jonathan’s permission to gather an army and fight Boko Haram when the army was reluctant. He refused. I could not go because he would have killed me since he did not authorize us. ENDS has very many accolades and appreciation notes from state governments and civilians. I believe we are at the top in used clothes donations to Boko Haram victims. Though I am not the president of the group and maintain a minimal role today, I continue to fund most of ENDS’ charitable activities from pocket, thanks to God. I AM SELFLESS.

2013 we established SNP, http://SovereignNationalParty.com which became a national wave before APC was launched. We stirred Nigeria on the need and path for a new government and youth leadership, consolidating a fervor that APC will later ride. When Jonathan saw us coming, he raised the new party registration fee from N100,000 to N1million. We decided to backdown and released press statements throwing it in for the APC (some members were upset with me for doing so), as we would be unable to register and contest. Jonathan who watched the death of a million Nigerians in Borno just had to go. If not through some parties reaching out to me to run for the presidency on their platforms, SNP remains an option for our 2019 run God-willing.

May 2015 ahead of Buhari’s inauguration as we saw a new government coming in and hoped they shared our vision, I created http://MadeInNigeria.ng the official portal for the Made In Nigeria project on the Nigerian .ng domain. It is self explanatory. I AM A FORWARD THINKER PIONEER.

Finally, to cut a long story short and avoid revealing all my secrets, for those of you who read my writings, you will know that I apply the full gift of intelligence God gave me and that I stand for truth and what I believe even if I am the last man standing there and at risk of losing everything.

To understand why I have initiated this campaign, I implore you watch this video and promise I made in March 14th, 2015 ahead of the elections that brought Buhari’s victory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NclgXNCU2Cw

In this government it will not be about me but about you. My number 1 promise is to remain who I am: a commoner. And to use technology where not physically possible to be in touch with the people of Nigeria at each stage of decision making. I am not coming with a clueless or totalitarian posture. I am coming with YOU! Follow my twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Nigeria’s Youth Party Endorses Buhari/Osinbajo For 2015 

March 21, 2015 

abuja-snpRising from a series of plenary sessions and after careful deliberation and review of all candidates, we the Sovereign National Party and the party of Nigeria’s youth hereby indubitably declare our full support for the candidacy of retired General Muhammadu Buhari and Pastor Yemi Osinbajo for the posts of President and Vice respectively in the upcoming presidential elections.

Nigeria’s youth have chosen Integrity and Wisdom for 2015.

While postponing our plans as a party to directly represent ourselves as youth at all levels of national politics, a decision we reluctantly took as a result of witch-hunting by the present government and the sudden 10-fold increment in party registration fees imposed to affront our appearance on the political scene, we recognize that the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket is the only feasible ticket that holds hope for Nigeria’s next generation and the promise of a free and fair electoral platform for the full participation of all Nigerians and the nation’s youth in 2019 and beyond.

In the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket we see an opportunity for Nigeria to recover coveted state assets in the hands of the cabal. We see a chance for Nigerian youth to be gainfully employed. We see the repositioning of Nigeria in the world scene. In this ticket we are convinced that our youth will no longer be employed only as political thugs and terrorists but will reap the value of their humanity and have their numbers applied meaningfully to the growth of Nigeria as equal opportunity share holders.

The Sovereign National Party supports the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket based on the record of performance of these two individuals. We carefully reviewed the record of the General and are decided that the General should return. We trust the capacity of Attorney and Pastor Osinbajo as a capable Vice and next in command to the General in times of his absence or other indisposition. We see in these two candidates immense compassion, intelligence, wisdom and a record of humanistic achievement.

The Sovereign National Party calls on all Nigeria’s youth to lead today by making and defending the right choice for Nigeria; a choice of repair, recovery and progress; a choice to move Nigeria forward, out of the hands of looters of its treasury and dignity; to choose Buhari/Osinbajo. Our wise elder Muhammadu Buhari promises to create the opportunity for today and tomorrow’s youth. Let us not let him down and we are assured he will not let us down.

We urge peaceful conduct during and after the elections. We urge the youth to utilize technology to monitor the electoral process, capturing pictures and video.

We urge all candidates to adhere to the Abuja peace accord and condemn those who have already advocated violence and intimidated Nigerians by sponsoring demonstrations by armed thugs in our major cities

We urge the Nigerian youth to stand by to work with the Buhari/Osinbajo administration as partners in the New Nigerian Project. We assure Nigeria’s youth that your party, the SNP will always monitor our elected officials and will be the first to condemn politicians when they deviate from their promises.

We thank you for standing by.


Lekan Abayomi

Press Affairs



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Towards A New Political Party for Youth and New Generation Nigerians 

July 15, 2014 

July 15, 2014


In January of 2013, several progress desirous Nigerians including myself came together and established the Sovereign National Party, SNP [On the web- www.SovereignNationalParty.com]. The SNP was first conceptualized in February of 2012 as a result of the January 2012 fuel subsidy removal atrocity by the Jonathan government in which the vulnerable state of total exploitation of Nigerian masses was brought to the fore and the need and potential of a new generation of harmonious, hungry youth who shared problems, trials and aspirations was elucidated.

The Sovereign National Party, SNP, the only Party that several of us subscribe to till date, was established as an Open source, no sponsor, no cabal, no ownership political platform with a donation cap at N100,000 – to ensure it would never be owned. The party has no permanent seats and no permanent personalities, but is established as a simple platform with caretakers whose duty it was and is, to enable an environment for the people to decide how they wish to organize and constitute their platform and their government for the people, truly by the people and permanently checked by a referendum of the intelligent people in a form of direct democracy – possible thanks to and taking advantage of modern IT tools.

In the first months of 2013 when the SNP gained tremendous popularity and shook the Cabal, several groups and individuals in Nigeria, as is customary, suddenly ‘realized’ Nigerians deserved and hungered for something new, something better, and we witnessed dozens of new parties including purposeful obscurations, being formed and rushing to INEC to be registered. This, the obvious result of the SNP showing the way, which was to our pride, however in the process, of course, as we witnessed the new platforms steal our ideas and manifesto, INEC too, ‘owned’ by the ruling Party got worried and suddenly as they saw us coming, as it can be re-collected, raised the political party registration fees from N100,000 to N1,000,000, more than 10 fold.

SNP with a capped individual contribution amount was hindered. Money rules in Nigeria, bags of rice buy the way, but we will never allow money rule our Party. We would rather lose gallantly than be bought or buy our mandate. We had organized several futuristic, dynamic, ethno-harmonious town-hall sessions in New York, the United Kingdom and parts of Nigeria. Edward Olutoke, the temporary head care-taker who organized Nigeria’s central meetings in Abuja had done and continues to do things prior unseen in political organization in Nigeria. Within three months of establishment, the SNP had initiated a list of programs for development of Nigeria in health, wealth, security and even sports. The SNP football team and drama groups were launched in Abuja as we began a process that builds from the community and individual and promoted tolerance with inter-state competition. Programs like Emergency Medical Aid, EMA, were a promise to the victims of accidents and emergencies. And we had not yet even ‘started.’ But such ideas, concepts and program are what each and every one of us common Nigerians have and dream for, true progress and transformation, devoid of political hullabaloo.

But, the SNP is not the highlight of this article. We are all ready and eager for that escape from the treacherous reign of recycled, rogue Cabal, the lizards who have held this nation to ransom for its 53 years. The results of the Ekiti election tell us this one thing if nothing at all – how bags of rice and criminals are what Nigerians are forced to bow to as the devil reigns supreme in Nigeria. Nigeria’s millions of progressive minds are exiled as Nigeria, status-quo, continues to be held and led down the annals of history as the largest and most failed African nation.

The youth are ready. There are dynamic youth all over Nigeria eager for the revolution. Perhaps we cannot do it on the streets, but can we do it at the ballot? Why not? We invite whoever wishes to form a true progressive, new Nigerian political party to do so. If you wish to continue from where we are at the SNP, we give you the reins. As mentioned earlier, SNP is an Open Source system, we believe in leadership by emergence. Those of us who founded the system are available to be replaced and sacked as agreed upon by the better of us (Nigerians). What matters and what is pertinent is that Nigerians need a way out and we do so fast as we continue to be robbed, killed and disgraced silly by this block of brainless Cabal criminal vultures. Our daughters who have been raped and killed by Boko Haram due to our politicians in government of all current political parties, state and federal level, deserve this from us. Let this be the result of their pain. Our fathers deserve this from us. We youth should make them proud, both the living and the dead, naturally and killed by these rotten Cabal. Our maimed, those displaced farmers, the killed farmers of Benue and Plateau, the victims of pogroms of the past, the victims of the current pogroms… all victims of Nigeria need to see us youth, us progressive Nigerians, stand up and drive the crazy bald-heads out of the yard.

Please come forward and share this vision. Please come forward and grab the reins. Please come forward and forge the path and we youth shall tow behind you and amass our technical and intellectual ability to liberate our people from the shackles of this expired greedocracy.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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My New Year Wish to the Young Nigerian: I Pray You Discover Your True North 

January 7, 2014 

Happy 2014!

This is our year of DETERMINATION. Nigeria can yet be saved. Nigeria must be saved.

We will like to welcome you to the year with this inspiring piece written by a compatriot. – SNP Admins

My New Year Wish to the Young Nigerian: I Pray You Discover Your True North

Kristin Hodson writing on Finding Your True North – Living Authentically in Your Relationship – online at www.familyshare.com wrote about the North Pole as that mystical place that becomes the focal point for many of us. She challenged us to imagine ourselves trekking to the North Pole by foot and bringing our fanciest compass as our guide. Explaining further, she said, when we step outside and the needle shakily makes its way to the top of the circle pointing us in the northern direction our instincts tells us that this is not, in fact, true north but magnetic north.

For the uninitiated, Kristin explains, Magnetic north is simply the magnetic regions in the arctic that can continually shift based on earth but not necessarily guiding us to our desired destination. On the other hand, “True North” will guide us from south to north, and back again, by following a map’s geographical lines. In this manner, we will arrive exactly where we want to go.

If we assess objectively the events of the last few months in Nigeria, young Nigerians will realize that they are being pulled in different directions. However, unbeknownst to many of us, we are often pulled by forces not in line with our “true north,” or our internal map that consists of our values and authentic self but as Kristin said and I agree, we are being pulled to become reactionary, a pleaser, or an appeaser. I would also add that many of our leaders especially those that wield political power are using young Nigerians as pawns in their power game. When we follow their magnetic north instead of our own True North, we become a pawn in their hands, we operate unknowingly on their behalf, and we react instead of being pro – active. And even more dangerous, we go on to behave in a way that soothes the emotions of the moment.

Kristin concludes by advising that understanding the difference between magnetic north and true north allows us to truly chart the course we want to take. However, she cautioned us that sometimes the difficulty lies not in the destination, but in the route.

The Reverend Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, San Jose, California, writing in his bestselling book -The Purpose Driven Life – also insists that while we may be products of our past, we do not have to be prisoners of it and that those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. influential Sufi cleric Al Fudail Ibn ‘Iyaad also echoed this sentiments when he stated in his seminal work -The Book of Manners – that we ought not to feel lonely on the paths of guidance just because few people travel them and that we should not be deceived by the abundance of people on the paths of misguidance. In essence, we are encouraged to seek out our own truth and avoid herd mentality.

I will like to admonish young Nigerians to be wary of the mixed messages that are being sent by our political leaders in recent time. Do not be carried away by their high sounding cliché words, if they themselves don’t believe it, why should you? Many of the actors in the present game have been at it since 1999. While some have remained in the ruling party, others have moved from the ruling party to many other platforms and finally came back to their vomit. What a shame!

As we enter a crucial election year, young Nigerians are at a vantage point to bring lasting change to this country we all love so much. But we cannot do this if we are losing our heads in the midst of the craziness that is going on all around us. We owe it to ourselves to scrutinize their words and check their antecedents in order to come to our own independent conclusion. I will also implore young Nigerians to not judge a book by its cover.

Over the last three years of my participation in our national political life, I have come to see firsthand the treachery of the Nigerian political class. And I say this with all sense of responsibility and retrospection. My friends, things are not the way they seem on the outside. In Nigeria’s political lexicon, white may not necessarily be white and black may not necessarily be black either. Nigerian politicians have turned obfuscation into an art. The talking points are just that, talking points. The leaders that you think were on your side are only interested in getting you to the polling booth to serve as an unthinking robot – casting votes for candidates with questionable backgrounds dressed up as otherwise respectable gentlemen. This phenomenon cuts across all the parties. In the last three years, I have seen it played out time and again, and I am convinced that all the players are in bed to further the continued ruination of Nigeria.

Those to whom the youths think are doing something and are giving some sorts of value are in my opinion, extending tokenism to distract the masses from asking the tough questions we ought to be asking of our leaders. I must however concede that even tokenism may be welcome in this clime of do nothingness. But then again, if we become more engaged and scratched the surface, we will realize that on both sides of the aisle, it is all a façade. The ones that we just commended for giving us tokenism have equally put us into heavy debt that may take two generations to pay off. Yes, we can all agree that they seem to be doing something but the cost are so over invoiced that in saner climes most of them will be behind bars by now. In short, the whole game has been rigged against us from the beginning.

Some of these leaders from across party lines have been known to abuse each other and call each other unprintable names in the daylight only for them to make up at the dead of night – back slapping each other and laughing at the expense of Nigerians. As young Nigerians, we have the power to change the game but in doing so we have to be clear eyed about our goal.

The present debate about which party is progressive and which one isn’t should and ought to be discarded. Those in the know will tell you that the present two dominant parties are between six and half a dozen. To the uninitiated, you may think that there is a modicum of difference, in fact to the somewhat initiated who thinks he/she has access to some of the leaders of the leading parties and comes out chest thumping to proclaim that one is progressive and one isn’t, I will tell you this, you have allowed yourself to become a pawn in the hands of the masters of Nigeria’s political life. They know that they have succeeded in turning you into a tool but you don’t know this. Obviously you don’t. You are too carried away in the adulation of your own self importance to notice. As long as you continue in this euphoria, our leaders do not have to work hard at convincing the flock, you can do it on their behalf.

Going forward, as young people, we should be more vigilant. In addition, I will suggest that we also shouldn’t take anything said by our political leaders as the gospel truth. In essence, we should discard herd mentality and seek out our own True North. In personal development, scholars called finding your “true north” a means of identifying with certain values, beliefs or behaviors that come from within and that are going to remain constant regardless of what turbulence is going on around you. It keeps you grounded even when others are losing their heads. As young people, I will encourage us to form long term sustainable partnerships with members of our own generation instead of acting like unthinking trolls following a bandwagon effect.

By investing in ourselves and members of our own generation, we will become more expansive and confident. The consequence is that we will begin to write our own Nigerian story not the story that our pseudo leaders have written for us. Indeed, we ought to be circumspect about these leaders who are selling us this new truth; we have been here with them before. Time and again, they have failed us, young Nigerians, as we enter this election season, let us seize the opportunity and refuse to be used by anyone or any group to achieve their own goal. As author and bestselling writer Agatha Christie said, we should find our own theme. We can either embellish it or desecrate it, but it’s our theme, and as long as we follow it, we will experience harmony and peace of mind.

Again, as young people, we shouldn’t have to experience life as an unrelenting string of chaos, in due time, when we find our own true north, providence will give us wise and caring elders that will empower our geniuses. And then, in turn, we will learn to trust again. Joining hands, walking together, this group of young men/women and the wise elders of our communities, we will rescue our nation from the malaise of ineffective leadership at all levels – doing this, one village and one community at a time.

It is certain that the torch of leadership will be passed to a new generation sooner rather than later but we must learn from the mistakes of our elders and prepare ourselves for leadership. If you haven’t given it much thought, it’s not too late. Nigeria needs you, your generation needs you and you owe it to yourself to leave this country better than you met it.

As a leadership scholar, I understand that Leadership takes practice but I also know that it is within the reach of each and every young Nigerian. It is my prayer that this next generation of Nigeria’s political and business leaders are grounded ethically than our predecessors were. As we approach national elections, I understand that each ideological grouping will be fighting vociferously to win over the support of this critical voting block; my charge to you is this; do not be swayed unnecessarily, please think deeply before you and your loved ones cast that ballot. A lot depends on it; in fact the continued existence of your nation rest on it. I will offer three attributes young Nigerians should look out for as they prepare to elect the next set of leaders in 2015.

One is Education, in order to be an effective leader, or at the very least an average one; one has to be sufficiently educated. A good world class education is necessary for leaders in the 21st century.

Number two is integrity; clinical psychologist and author, Barbara Killinger offers a traditional definition of integrity when she said integrity is a personal choice, an uncompromising and predictably consistent commitment to honour moral, ethical, spiritual and artistic values and principles. Individuals that lack integrity and are ready to fight at a drop of the hat am afraid cannot make effective leaders.

Number three is Character. The concept of character implies a variety of attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as empathy, fortitude, honesty, valor and loyalty. American Psychologist Lawrence Pervin defines moral character as “a disposition to express behavior in consistent patterns of functions across a range of situations.” Sara Lee’s CEO, Brenda Barnes also said: “The most important thing about leadership is your character and the values that guide your life.” Individuals without a core character of virtue when they find themselves in leadership positions could become extremely dangerous. They have no scruples and are usually unhinged.

These three attributes will be useful as we prepare for the next round of elections. But I have also heard the widespread lament over the apathy of young voters. And I am not surprised one bit. Our leaders have failed to understand that participation in a democracy begins with young people knowing that they count. It is hard to be apathetic when the big idea that fills your mind and soul is that you know that you can, you must, and you will make a difference. And that is the reason why I have devoted the entirety of this paper imploring us to find our own True North because unfortunately our political leaders have proven incapable of showing us the way.

Our own True North thus will become the internal compass that guides us successfully through life. It becomes our fixed point in a spinning world – one that will help us to stay on track as young leaders. Just as a compass point toward a magnetic field, our True North pulls us towards the purpose of our existence. When we follow our internal compass, our leadership will be genuine and while others may guide or influence our actions, our truth will always be determined by our own conscience and our resultant actions will be beneficial to humanity.

Abdulmumin Yinka Ajia
Indiana Institute of Technology,
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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SNP Stands With The Government of Nigeria’s Declaration of War Against Terror 

May 15, 2013 

15th May, 2013

The Nigerian Youth Party, the Sovereign National Party of Nigeria [SNP] declares its solidarity with the government and good people of Nigeria in declaration of TOTAL war against the unscrupulous elements who dare to threaten the peace, stability and sovereignty of our dear nation.

We use this medium to express our full support for the Jonathan administration in its declaration of a state of emergency in regions of the federation. We support the deployment of troops to the troubled regions, and the declaration of commitment and resolve by the administration to deal once and for-all with this menace.

The breakdown of law within the nation, supported by a free flow of all types of sophisticated weapons of destruction into the hands of all who desire them, complicated with corruption, poverty and hopelessness, has created an environment of bloody lawlessness seen in no other nation and at no time in Nigeria’s history. Nigeria is plagued by ethnic militia in the north and south. Mob violence and insurgency has progressively threatened more and more states in the nation, and more hopeless, shameless youth have been tempted to get involved in what appears to be a lucrative business of terrorism, kidnapping and mob violence.

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